I am currently employed by Qualcomm as a senior staff engineer in a two part role. In one part of my role I develop architectural features for future mobile GPU architectures. In the other I represent Qualcomm to the Khronos and HSA standards bodies where we drive standards for parallel computation on heterogeneous architectures. Currently I represent Qualcomm to the OpenCL Khronos working group and sub-groups relating to the SYCL standard, SPIR intermediate language and the memory and execution models for future OpenCL versions. I also represent Qualcomm to the HSA runtime working group. In my previous role I worked for AMD and was for a time the voting member on the OpenCL committee as well as the author of two books on OpenCL. I’ve had long-term involvement with GPU-accelerated and FPGA-accelerated computing, wrote the initial GPU-accelerated cloth simulation in the Bullet physics SDK that was integrated into 3DMark 11 and have numerous publications in the area as well as in metadata-enhanced compilation. You can contact me at: web2 at this domain