Multicore and Reconfigurable Supercomputing (MRSC) 2010 in Rome.

HiPEAC 2011 in Heraklion, Crete.

Multicore and Reconfigurable Supercomputing (MRSC) 2011 in Bristol.

Full day tutorial at HiPEAC 2012 in Paris.

IWOCL 2015 SYCL tutorial – introduction to SYCL. | Download

Other talks

Advanced DirectX11: DirectCompute by Example. GDC Europe 2010

Advanced DirectX11: DirectCompute by Example. CEDEC 2010

Keynote at A4MMC 2011 in San Jose.

Session on the APU at the AMD Fusion Developer Summit, 2011 in Bellevue.

OpenGPU session on AMD’s latest GPU architectures at HiPEAC 2012 in Paris. | Download

Making GPGPU easier: Software and hardware developments in GPU computing, UT Austin March 2012. | Download

Can GPGPU be liberated from the data-parallel bottleneck?, AMD Fusion Developer Summit, 2012. | Download

HSA: the programmers’ view, AMD Fusion Developer Summit, 2012.

Modern GPUs and the Heterogeneous System Architecture, IEEE workshop on data parallelism for multi-core chips and GPU, October 2012 | Download

Keynote at IWOCL 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. | Download

Talk at the ComplexHPC Spring School 2013 in Uppsala, Sweden. | Download

Launch talk for the Khronos SPIR 1.2 standard at HiPEAC 2014.

Introduction to the Khronos SYCL provisional standard at the HPC/GPU Supercomputing meetup group, April 2014.

Keynote at the workshop on general purpose processing using GPUs (GPGPU-8), February 2015. | Download

OpenCL 2.1 provisional specifications launch talk at the Game Developers Conference, March 2015.

OpenCL 2.1 provisional specifications introduction at the SIGGRAPH OpenCL BOF, August 2015.


Channel 9 lecture series on Direct Compute, talk on physics programming, early 2010.

AMD OpenCL Webinar series talk on GPU Architecture, November 2010.